Are you ready for the revolution?
We are.

Reinvent the concept of cloud computing

Thanks to our technology, you'll be able to create,
resize and manage your projects, everything is just a click away!
Extremely easy and without any waste.


Uptime guarantee

You're realizing an important project and you want the entire world to see it aren't you? We know the feeling,
it's exactly because of this, that our team strives to achieve a 99,9% uptime!

Next-gen infrastructure

Mechanic disks? 100Mbit/s shared network? Surprise charges? Leave that all to old generations.
We're proud of being able to offer exclusively top-tier NVMe SSDs together with selected hardware and unmetered gigabit networking!⚡

Advanced support at 360°

We're always ready at any moment to help you solving
any kind of adversity and to clarify any concern.
You'll be able to contact us through any of our communication channels
designed to enhance your support experience.

Feel free to ask anything, you'll be amazed!

Immediate availability

Have you ever experienced issues while trying to switch to a new service? Yeah... that sucks
it happened to us too.
That's why our infrastructure is studied and designed to continuously grow and it'll get bigger and bigger
with you to offer impossible delivery times.
No more restock and provisioning queues, enjoy the power of our cloud and forget the rest.

Are you a developer?

It's free real estate! If you have innovative projects that you're keeping in your closet, let us know: we'll be more than happy to help you throughout it's creation.
We also offer a RESTful API which you can use to integrate our services literally anywhere.

Not convinced yet?

Give us a last chance.

Ask for a 48h free trial of your preferred service
this way, you'll touch loclix with your own hands!

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