Reasearches are up! You've just found
the ultimate Anti-DDoS solution..

Free, forever.

In the era of digital information, everyone is able in just a few steps to start a personal or public project on the world-wide-web investing time and money for its growth.

Unfortunately danger is right behind the corner and for whatever reason that might be, whatever is on the internet can and will probably be victim of DoS or DDoS (which means Denial of Service and its variant Distributed Denial of Service): reason why here at LocLix we think that nobody should ever pay to protect his project by all of those who instead want to destroy it.

You'll always find our Anti-DDoS protection absolutely for free on all of our services, and it'll be like this forever.

Adaptive and efficient

Power is nothing without control, which is why our Network Operations Center is working together with our Security Operations Center and are always available 24/7 mitigating more sophisticated attacks.

Our protection will always be able to grow together with you and your projects, analyzing in real time attacks received. Moreover we adopt a "Multi-Layered" approach protecting your projects against attacks on the network level (Layer 3) up to the application layer (Layer 7[2])

Powerful as few

90% of filtering activity on Layer 3/4 is carried out by some of our industry leading partners such as Voxility, we autonomously handle analysys and filtering in a granular way regarding the application layer (L7) instead, on protocols such as:
  • TeamSpeak3[1] - UDP
  • Mumble[1] - UDP
  • GTA SA:MP[1] - UDP
  • Minecraft - TCP
  • DNS - UDP
  • HTTP(S)[2] - TCP
Current scrubbing capacity is ~2Tbit/s, starting today you can put more attention into your project, let the packets hit the door! 😉

[1] You necessarily need to open a support ticket asking to be enabled.
[2] HTTP(S) FLOOD are filtered only on WebHosting plans.