Principles we belive in

Mother earth at the first place!

We all share the same planet, which we call home. Our absolute first priority is taking care of it and respect it. Reason why your server costs ZERO to the environment: we're always striving to be entirely eco-friendly thanks to electricity coming from renewable sources.

Cooling of our infrastructure is also environmentally safe, utilizing cold water taken in nature, and reintroducing it into the soil once it's purpose is over without any alteration thus ensuring the hydrogeological balance.

Regarding servers life cycle instead, all of the materials once reached their end of life are recycled or sold to third parties as spare parts.

Freedom of thought

We believe clients must be free of evolving their projects and their ideals, the way they want to, without any pre-existing limit. Reason why we really work hard trying to offer a free service, with unlimited possibilities of customisation: "The sky is the limit".

Never hesitate in dreaming about something new for your service, we could amaze you.

We drink too many coffee

Techincal problems can be prohibitive for your community, your userbase and your image might be affected by those. The only one whose will never abandon you is coffe! - jokes aside, we're always available to solve any kind of issue regarding your services, open a support ticket at any time and we'll move heaven and earth to be sure your experience stays uninterrupted.